About Us

Our Mission

To adapt fast to changes in our era, to offer value-added services at reasonable prices to meet all expectations and needs of our guests, to maximize our quality and make it quantifiable, to provide continuous education and training for our employees using technology and knowledge effectively within environmental consciousness and total quality processes. To create a respectful and peaceful environment in the hotel with our rational and pioneer approach and provide employment opportunities in the industry.

Our Vision

To have a powerful position in the hotel industry with a pioneer and innovative management approach, to ensure unconditional guest satisfaction with our high quality and innovative services, to achieve customer loyalty, to have a wide variety of integrated services, to develop special concepts, to be the leader of the industry in Gebze being a household name for gourmet food and in general food and beverage industry.

To use technology effectively to have a good online presence, to develop special and effective interactive systems unique to LAMEC HOTEL BUSINESS for local and global markets, to access directly to end-users, to integrate all software programs used in the hotel to achieve full automation.

Our Motto

New face of business: With its goal to achieve a sustainable success, Lamec Hotel Business provides continuous education to all of its employees to ensure that they play an effective role in the hotel's goal for hundred percent guest satisfaction. The hotel will offer a new service approach with its central location for the business world, comfortable rooms designed specifically for the needs of the business people, meeting rooms, sauna and steam room, fitness center.

Our Values

We are committed to ethical values and business ethics. We provide continuous education to our employees with our innovative approach that believes in and respects the value of people. We inspect and measure guest satisfaction for all of the services in our hotel according to our certificates we have obtained with a total quality approach. We serve to make a difference with our unique approach for hospitality, integrity, leadership, teamwork, ownership and fast and structured work.

Our Resources

Our experience, knowledge and tradition in this business have a long history. We value our employees and provide them continuous training on professional skills and on management systems as part of our social responsibility. Managers at Lamec Hotel Business have management experience in international hotels, have university degrees from respected universities in Turkey and abroad, speak minimum two languages, trained in modern management approaches and have certificates in pedagogy.